A historic introduction…

Hello to anyone who is reading this! If you stumbled across this accidently or if I’ve told you about my plans to unleash a history blog you are very welcome to read on.  As some of you know, I am a living, breathing history geek. Seriously geeky.  In fact, I recently told my partner that I wish to visit every castle in Britain.  That prospect didn’t exactly thrill him.  The enthusiasm and excitement was purely my own.  I’ve repeatedly watched many documentaries on The Plantagenet and Tudor era, as well as dabbling with the Stuarts on the odd occasion.  And my book collection is vast.  I would say that 90% of my book collection are historical non-fiction concentrating mainly on the Plantagenet era.

You will laugh at me and probably shake your head in shame when I say it was the Showtime drama The Tudors that first enticed me into the past. Yes, I know it was plagued by historically inaccuracy to put it generously, the costumes echoed more the Elizabethan style of dress than the Tudor era and the script was dreadful.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII was captivating as young Henry at first, but unwittingly comical and ludicrous as the seasons went on.  What was that accent about??  What it did however, for me at least, was ignite my intrigue about the past.  I was reading more. I was watching every medieval documentary I could get my hands on. In short, I was hooked. And it was a love affair that has stayed with me.

I admit, I’m not an academic of history, my academic background lies elsewhere, so if you are expecting an academically sound blog you might want to look elsewhere. It has been over 10 years since I’ve written anything remotely academic.  However, my reason for starting this blog is more personal.  Following the years since I first watched the show that captivated my love of history, life has not always been kind. History however has always been my one constant. So, I have decided to create this blog. In honour of my love of medieval history. I will share knowledge, theories, feelings of interest. Hopefully you will find it insightful and a jolly good read.

Bye for now!